Appalachian Trail

Waynesboro provides access to the Appalachian Trail, the longest marked foot path in the United States. Displaying a beautiful world of flora and fauna while providing homes for countless woodland creatures, the trail touches 14 states and runs through 8 national forests. Join the 10,000+ who have hiked the entire 2,178 mile path or spend the afternoon exploring it and the rest of our beautiful outdoors.

Appalachian Trail Community

In March of 2012, The Appalachian Trail Conservancy designated the City of Waynesboro as one of several Appalachian Trail Communities. Waynesboro, Virginia is located within two miles of the entrance to the Appalachian Trail. By nature of the city’s proximity, Waynesboro lends itself as a resource for many hikers. Community members, city departments and organizations recognize the volume of hikers that spend time in Waynesboro, and have developed tools to help make their stay more efficient and enjoyable. Within a few blocks of each other is a full service grocery store, post office and library, which prove to be common stops for many hikers. In the same vicinity, the YMCA offers hikers a facility to shower and Waynesboro Parks and Recreation has designated land for camping overnight, equipped with a pavilion and solar charging station.  For a panoramic view of the campground, click here

Many local community members offer hikers rides to and from various destinations. If you are planning to hike the AT and need information about parking or shuttles in the Waynesboro area, please call (540) 942-6512.


Appalachian Trail thru-hikers may enjoy adding variety to their long trek by “aqua-blazing” part of the trail. Hikers can put hop on the Shenandoah River at Port Republic (just north of Waynesboro) and paddle as far as Harpers Ferry. For more information, contact Shenandoah River Adventures at 888-309-7222.